‘The Decider’ game 2014

Lists, looking back, prizes, it is obvious, 2013 has come to an end and should make for 2014. Place The year of crisis at Microsoft and the great fist of Sony will be exchanged for the year in which the shadow will fall and the light will shine on the hero and general of the next console generation. And then we also had Nintendo. The Wii would be the ideal connection must be between two worlds, namely current-gen and next-gen. It seemed only that the consumer has put massive. These console blacklisted Perhaps that 2014 may be the year where the big N for the first time or again may take revenge by uniting. Their own unique heroes It has not yet, the rivals will first have to apply the results of the current year.

This year was the year in which the woman seemed to be central. Whether they are empty or looted graves could open portals to other dimensions, she was no longer the character that was brought to be. Rescued by a mustachioed plumber from castle to castle Although these mustachioed plumber now has held formidable exit. Year along with the aforementioned princess a castle tour again

This was also the year in which elaborate still yields the most success on old IPs. BioShock, Rayman, Zelda, Pikmin, Call of Duty, Battlefield, Tomb Raider, Super Mario Jump 2, Assassins Creed, and some titles are drawn. Zokan this list The safe name meant in most cases does not mean that there was no renewal. Almost all the titles have proven that innovation is that which is the industry continues to run.

Some great titles were able to tell us. Past year beautiful stories BioShock Infinite, Beyond two souls and The Last of Us were digital novels in which the one had to be something more than the other, also played a full part. In addition to these great novels also lay a pile of short stories, small titles that new forms of storytelling explored. Think ‘Gone Home’, ‘The Stanley Parable’ and ‘Amnesia: A Machine for pigs. We like to play fighting games online for free.

But most of last year was the year of the Xbox and PlayStation 4 One is through a major media offensive showed funds. That came from the feet especially MicroSoft do not always convenient with us, and also as one of the last countries promises the 360 ​​successor, may be called.’s Low of 2013 Unless, of course, the publisher and developer of ‘Foul Play’ are and one day after the biggest release ever tries to bring you. Own game to the man.

No, wrong! The past year had only one big winner. The rock star of the gaming landscape: GTA V. Throughout the year dominated the news this title. Each screenshot was under a microscope and watched every second material was discussed for hours on Youtube. Openings night did not go all equally quiet and the game was unanimously adopted by almost every gamer played and appreciated. Unique in the gaming landscape. 2013 was undoubtedly the year of Trevor, Michael and Franklin.

Only, this is only partly for myself… Read my new article Thing Thing Arena review about amazing shooter.

For me this was the year I thought I had to make a choice. A choice between Microsoft and Sony. A choice between a future Mass Effect or Uncharted future. The choice has been made and it turns out Captain Louis, Mario flash games, Link, Donkey Kong and Samus Aran have made my year. For me it is the return to Nintendo. A magical year, 2013. And Nintendo does, even though they have a worse marketing than Microsoft, the year 2014 at this stage to be at least as magical.

 For puzzler and seasoned gamer among us, I have a little surprise in store. In the introduction above this article are nine game titles (or references to titles) clogged. Who is the first that can name them all?


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