Gaming as a child

I’m probably not the first when I say that I started gaming as a child. Not on a console, but worked fine on a very old PC that has a real big “Floppies” (could you be so nice with swabbing there). However, I often played with friends on consoles, and I knew also bows to agree to swing like I was with them on a boring Sunday visit. Their 386 my family regularly Every gamer often well as reminds what games he / she used to play, because these are experiences that simply belong to that ‘good old days’. And I must say, as a gamer of 26 I miss those days a bit. The time when you could play as a child.

I really miss it to experience as I experienced it as a child games. I still had the ability to be used in a single match. Completely sucked Now that I’m older and have more experience, I am much more aware of the fact that I’m playing a game. The reality of my real life has played in recent years increasingly in the spotlight, making the imaginary wall between the virtual and the real world is slowly crumbling. If I game I am aware of the “fakeness” of a game, but also carries the constant reality around me. I used only lived in the virtual world while playing driving games, I now live in two worlds simultaneously. Because while I’m busy to run in Dungeon Keeper, a dungeon I also know that there is actually a mountain of homework waiting for me. Empathize with a game still That’s okay, just no longer in the same magical way. As a child I was really close to me because of my own world and I completely fail in the virtual. All the experiences I gained in this temporary and secondary life, felt then as ‘real’ experiences. I could heavily wonder about what I experienced in games, a game was absolutely surprised me with its contents. What happened in Hyrule (Zelda), was for me at the time of play then just the reality.

In addition, I had absolutely no expectations of games, there could be anything happening that I was not prepared. I can still remember that I Zelda “Majora’s Mask” thought Clock Town was the whole game world, and I was satisfied with it, I was not used and therefore was not expecting anything. From my socks, I was blown when I found out that a lot of Termina still lay at my feet. I could not believe that a game as big and could be colossal. Another example is the fact that the beast in the god-game ‘Black and White’ increasingly began to form in my wishes. He seemed to live for me and actually have. Has a soul I started almost as much of that animal to keep as my own pets. When he was put in prison in the third level, I just thought that was really cunt. As if my own dog without medal was taken by a dog catcher, I just had to get that thing back! It thus conceive of a game all had to do with my childhood. Because now as 26-year-old just I see this level as a challenge and part of the game. It’s fake and not real, so do not let up!

Games had on me as a child is also a very rewarding gamer, something that is not really the case. Because I used to just pocket money, and only Sinterklaas and birthdays knew my cash money selling. A toy I got a game, then I played it completely gray. How cunt it also looked and / or playing, because every new game was for me a rare virtual experience that I cherished deeply. The question of the magical world would be in the disk was obtained each time a very exciting. Today I buy games regularly, making it special is just off. I often play free action games half off and then lose interest (unless a game my full interest holds, but it has really gained my attention). I used to really played every game down to the last pixel out. Throughout Keen, Warcraft, Crystal Caves and Monster Bash were no secrets for me to discover. I knew these worlds through and through, and cherished the games become just as deep as stories from my favorite children’s books. The Ms-dos games that I hold to this day still the games that I’ve played the most. No next-gen game that these records will ever break.

I also find myself really at a stage where I find that I’m losing my interest is in what is now on the market and on the market. It’s all much the same and I’m actually just captivate. A choice for a next-gen console I have therefore not yet been made, it might still take a few years before I ubperhaupt a purchase. I think the indie market nowadays more interesting, because this market dares to do things differently than the big developers. But even that market is starting to fall into standard survival and zombie genres (but that’s a discussion for a different article). However, this lack of enthusiasm for games, I just had as a child, when I was really looking forward to a game. I really could do with butterflies in my stomach waiting for the PTT (yes, that was called so) which would provide a package containing a new Zelda. Also, I sometimes just dreaming about certain games and I looked at the screenshots in the Power Unlimited until mooiigheid was just from looking. Myself really eat away at a game and its future release was more the rule than the exception, something I now just do not have total.

Maybe know some of you older gamers this longing for the past. I would quite much like to give once a day as a child to hold a controller and again just to immerse in a game. Me I used to have no need for Oculus Rift, my imagination and empathy were more than adequate. If I play a game from the past, then this is for nostalgia. But the moments special and memorable that I have experienced as a child, I experience now in a very different way. No longer do I find it exciting to enter a boss-cream and my cows in Harvest Moon a month I can safely pull. Guilt It is now no longer the impact it has had on me. Gaming has become much more superficial in terms of experience, for me and that I find very unfortunate. Because I had a game like Minecraft in my youth, I’m sure my works a lot more creative and more impressive were higher than they are now. Also I had for myself, probably invented in-game adventures, just like knocking stories with Playmobil were drawn from my own imagination. I can try and practice what I want, but playing a game like this will never ever happen to me. Not with Minecraft but not with Playmobil, which is only a few adults play with us.

We need not linger in the past, that is not good for man and that you should simply do not want to. But occasionally I long sometimes to return.

Back to those “good old days..”


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